Really TIME?

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I only have fond memories of TIME magazine. Both my middle school and high school had subscriptions and its like an old friend. Sure it fit that unnecessarily odd middle spot between USA Today and the Economist, but it was usually worth a read.   I just have question for you TIME:

WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUCKING CONTENT? I get it, you’ve got bills to pay and its a recession, but, jesus, don’t go crazy here.  I’ll help you. I circled the content in blue for you. Took a minute but I found it. Look, I expect this from fly-by-night linkspammers, SEO assholes, and small media outlets, but TIME magazine?  Really, TIME? REALLY?!

Your broke my heart, TIME. Broke it, totally. The floating survey thingy was the final straw. Couldn’t you at least put it over one of your many ads and promotional spaces? See those yellow circles? Use that space better.  Its TIME you stopped sucking so much.


The Annoyed Admin


One comment on “Really TIME?

  1. Reid says:

    CNN has an enormous flashing video banner ad for Blackberry (top and both sides, and a popup flash thing) last time I saw it… it’s absolutely crazy. Stopped going there entirely.

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