I miss you Steam

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Oh DICE, you’re like that old flame who keeps breaking my heart. I swear, I can’t figure out how to quit you! I see you guys released your big first patch to Battlefield 3. What a monumental day! So many fixed bugs! You guys must be pretty proud. I, of course, ran to my basement to fire up my frankenputer only to be assaulted with, five, yes FIVE GODDAMN WINDOWS AND POPUPS when I tried to update your software. I labeled them for you in case you thought I was kidding.

What the hell EA/DICE? How did we go from a BF2 era of just a binary that did everything to a Steam clone that’s still in Beta, a browser window, weird popups, promotional popups, terrible UI, and to top it off  – a  completely broken update process. I clicked on the ‘update game’ icon only to be thrown back into Origin which did nothing else but show me the BF3 icon.  Two Origin restarts later, it tells me the game isn’t installed and its trying to download it now. Come on guys, I just want to get back to shooting Ritalin addicted preteens and 30-something forever alones. Its the closest thing to punching people I don’t like in the face without repercussion and the psychological equivalent of two hours of primal scream therapy.

Thanks EA. At least you guys are openly telling me your software is shit by putting “Beta” in big letters everywhere.  DICE pretends its stuff is actually fully cooked. I feel like the third wheel in a very abusive relationship. Oh and to top it off, the bastards deleted my server preferences just to be dicks about the whole thing.


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