nmap is great and all

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Sometimes I just want to use a dumb GUI for network related tasks. I usually can’t remember nmap’s arcane commands for complex queries, so I just go and download Angry IP scanner, which is a trusted open source project. ipscan.exe on Chrome gives me:

and MSE also chimes in with:

Really? Tool? Tool is a malware category? That’s like selling someone a food poison detector but having it go off when they start eating fatty or sugary foods. You know, for their own good. Thanks guys.

Meanwhile, I saw a coworker of mine whitelist a trojan from a USB drive on a laptop running MSE. He got annoyed by the error message and MSE helpfully offered to “allow” it. Oh, MSE you were supposed to be “the one!” Chrome too? I am heartbroken.


2 comments on “nmap is great and all

  1. kgasso says:

    Not that it’ll do much to help, but the Angry IP folks have had a petition up for a while trying to get AV vendors to not list the app:


  2. annoyedadmin says:

    Thanks for that. Lately, I’ve just been forcing myself to memorize more nmap and making sure to have zenmap installed. I don’t really like how the Angry IP people have moved on to a Java-based app. I hate Java and will soon post why.

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