Screw you Nook app!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Why am I on my third attempt to finish Anathem on my Transformer using the Nook app? Is it the spartan prose? The lengthy didactic asides? The “100 pages until anything happens” Stephenson trope? Yeah, probably, but for the most part its because THE GODDAMN BRIGHTNESS SLIDER IS NEXT TO THE GODDAMN PAGE POSITION SLIDER.  Android has a hard time telling which one you pressed. You won’t notice until you’re suddenly 400 pages ahead and lost your place. Oh, the return to previous button doesn’t work and there’s no auto brightness feature.

Why Nook android app? Why are you so terrible? I won’t even mention that  if I read on a plane it loses my place next time it gets on the internet. Or how whenever I start it, it won’t open a book unless I close the app and re-open it. Kindle app, here I come. Once I finish Anathem of course, which won’t be for a while.  BTW SPOILER: Snape kills Orolo!!!!!*

*seriously though, is Anathem a rational and scientific alternative to Harry Potter? Is Stephenson uncorrupting our youth? Please say yes.


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