Microsoftr VistaT

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Oh System Center Essentials 2010, you promised me so much.  Centralized logging, automated software installs, updates, software inventories, etc. Its a shame you do none of these well, but its the laziness that really gets my goat. The laziness of this:

Microsoftr VistaT? Really? You fancy SCE engineers couldn’t render the trademark/register symbol so you just defaulted to a T and an R, then proudly looked at the misspelling of one of your flagship products and your COMPANY’S NAME and just said, “screw it, lets ship.”  Nice guys. Nice.  Why does a logging function even need such things like trademarks and registered symbols?

Actually, now that I think about it, I like the sound of “Vistat.” Its got the word “stat” in it, like quick and urgent but… oh right, we’re talking about VistaT here.  Happily, this is our only Vistat machine at work and soon it will have a fresh upgrade to Microsoftr Win7T. Ballmer, you should send me a free goddamn copy for this. Well, other than the one I got from “hosting” that Win7 party. Both my cats were very convinced of Windows 7’s robustness and value!

Oh Steve, one more thing, workstation is one word, not two.


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