Rebooting Server 2008

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

I sometimes need to manually reboot win 2008 server.  Not a big deal but this damn prompt stops me every. single. time.

Hey Microsoft, didn’t you guys see me hit Restart a second ago? You’re making me hit cancel and go back to make sure I didn’t accidentally hit Shutdown instead of Restart. Really guys? Who signs off on this stuff? Oh right, you’re a software monopoly. You can do things like this without suffering consequences.

I’ll spare you guys my angry rant on the server 2008 backup utility. Microsoft knows it done bad.


2 comments on “Rebooting Server 2008

  1. Anon says:

    A monopoly? Not in the server space. It’s poor interface design but it has nothing to do with Microsoft having a monopoly.

  2. xpclient says:

    It’s called Shutdown Event Tracker and it’s designed to track server reboot reasons plus it’s not forced on you. You can turn off Shutdown Event Tracker from Group Policy.

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